Chipola Habitat is more than a Thrift Store!

Infographic that features the Chipola Area Habitat for Humanity logo at the top and reads: The Habitat Model. Fund then Build then Educate then Buy then Reinvest and then has an arrow showing that the cycle repeats.

There’s more to Chipola Area Habitat for Humanity than the ReStore!

Do you know how the Habitat model works? It starts with people just like you! Individuals, corporations, and communities of faith fund home construction through their donations. ReStores also contribute. Your purchases of donated home goods bring in profit that is used to fund Habitat’s programs.  Ever wonder how to get a Habitat house? Homeownership applicants are approved based on their needs, ability to afford a mortgage (no, they aren’t free!), and willingness to put in “sweat equity” volunteer hours. Homeowner partners also attend sessions that prepare them for the reality of owning their own homes. Volunteers come together with staff and homeowner partners to help build the houses, and completed homes are purchased with a no-or-low interest mortgage.

At Chipola Habitat, we often say that our impact is seen in the 82 homes we’ve completed, but this is an oversimplification; imagine the number of family members living in those homes. Chipola Habitat impacts the community as well, not just through increased tax revenue, but also through partnerships with municipalities, workforce and economic development teams, and our educational system. We work hard to ensure that citizens have the necessary environment to thrive.

Chipola Habitat is a very vocal advocate for home affordability and a strong opponent to substandard housing. We believe in leading the way by ensuring all our homes are built beyond code and certified energy efficient. Want to get involved? Volunteer, donate, or sponsor a home today!