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Corporations and business owners are recognizing more and more that one of the keys to finding and retaining the most valuable employees is by having a sustainable corporate social responsibility program. At Chipola Area Habitat for Humanity, sponsorships offer businesses a unique opportunity to achieve this while supporting their local community.

Habitat for Humanity has been recognized as one of the most trusted and well known social service brands in the world. Partnering with Habitat for Humanity carries the weight of this trust to our partners. Through such strong, mutually beneficial partnerships, we can unite to support a mission that helps stabilize local families.

A partnership with Chipola Area Habitat for Humanity also provides opportunities for a company’s employees to engage in positive team-building activities and research shows that companies who allow their employees to get out of the office to volunteer, it elevates corporate culture through team building and creates a healthy, happy workforce. Finally, we understand that consumers, clients and business partners are much more likely to do business with companies who embrace a culture of philanthropy among their workforce and through their community involvement.

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Corporate Sponsorships

Habitat offers a tangible, hands-on way to get involved in the local community and change lives.

Our corporate sponsors are crucial partners who help Habitat enact positive change in our local communities. By sponsoring an event, new housing development, or one of our innovative affordable housing programs, your company is giving families the opportunity to transform their future.

We offer sponsorship opportunities to meet the needs of any size business and often include benefits such as high visibility media exposure and fulfilling volunteer opportunities.  Full Home Sponsors have the option to present the keys to the family at the dedication ceremony.

For more information about sponsorships, please contact Executive Director Carmen Smith at or (850) 482-2187.

A house isn’t a house, it’s a home…it’s not only a building, it’s a place where memories will be made, special events will be celebrated and everyday things will be cherished.

Community Contribution Tax Credit Program

Why pay taxes to the state when you can donate them and help us build houses?

The Community Contribution Tax Credit Program (CCTCP) provides a financial incentive (50% tax credit) to encourage Florida businesses to make donations toward community development and housing projects of low-income persons. The tax credit is easy for a business to receive. Corporations located anywhere in Florida that make donations to an approved community development project may receive a tax credit equal to 50% of the value of the donation. Businesses may take the credit on Florida corporate income tax, franchise tax, insurance premium tax, or sales & use tax.

Any Florida Business, which collects and remits Florida state sales tax, is eligible to participate in the program.

The credit is granted as a refund against state sales and use taxes reported on returns and remitted in the last 12 months preceding the date of the application of the tax credit.

If the tax credit is not fully used through such refund because of insufficient tax payment during the 12-month period, the unused amount can be carried forward for three years.

Chipola Area Habitat for Humanity is an approved Community Contribution Tax Credit Sponsor eligible to receive contributions.

A business paying Florida corporate income tax, franchise tax, insurance premium tax, or state sales tax is eligible to receive a tax credit equal to 50% of the cash donation of an approved project.

Cash, property, and goods donated to an approved sponsor is eligible for the credit. Dues and services are not eligible donations.

Yes, because the sponsor is donating improvements (a new home), the value of the donation is calculated based on the appraised value of the new home.

A business is eligible to receive credits of up to $200,000 per tax year. Unused corporate tax credits can be carried forward for up to 5 years. Sales tax remittances can be carried forward for 3 years.

A business paying Florida state income tax, franchise tax, or insurance premium tax. Any business collecting and remitting $50,000 annually in Florida State Sales & Use Tax

A donation from the business. 200 hours of volunteer work performed by either the corporation’s employees or volunteers recruited by the business

The business agrees to sponsor a Habitat home. A letter of intent is signed and workdays are scheduled (Friday or Saturday) for employees or volunteer groups solicited by the business. Other groups may also join to help complete the new home.

Completion of the new home is scheduled over a 12 week period. Employee and volunteer groups work side by side with the homeowner to build a new Habitat home. Volunteers complete the framing, siding, door & windows, painting, landscaping and final touch up for the new home.

Upon substantial completion of the new home:

The business applies for a tax credit, which is based on 50% of the appraised value of the home, excluding land (estimated at $50,000 for a $100,000 appraisal).

A tax credit approval letter is returned to the business within 2-3 weeks of presentation of tax credits.

The business applies for a sales tax refund or reduces estimated taxes on their Florida state corporate income tax return. For a sales tax refund, a check for the credit is returned within 3 to 6 weeks.

Habitat works with the business at every step.
A sponsor Commitment Form documents the agreement
The volunteers staff works with you to schedule the workdays
We hold a Partner’s Meeting before construction begins so that you can meet your Homebuyer and your Builder.
A dedication service is held, with special thanks to the sponsor for their generous donation
Habitat prepares all paperwork require by the tax credit program

Here’s How it Works:

Donate Icon

Make a donation and volunteer on a build site.

Application Icon

Complete a program application.

Taxes icon

File an Approval Letter with your taxes*.

Refund icon

Receive tax credit or refund.

*Claim your credit or refund on Florida Corporate Income, Florida Franchise Tax, or Florida Insurance Premium Tax.

Faith Sponsorship


Habitat for Humanity is an ecumenical Christian organization founded on Christian principles. However, since its inception in 1988, Chipola Area Habitat for Humanity has welcomed people of all faiths, ethnicities, creeds and backgrounds to our organization and communities to help us build a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

We do not proselytize or require anyone who is involved with our organization to share our beliefs, including volunteers, board members, staff, and homeowners. We believe that the cooperation and involvement of our local churches allows us to make a clear and eloquent statement about the importance of putting our faith into action. Through financial support and volunteer efforts, local congregations empower our diverse communities full of neighbors from all backgrounds, extending a helping hand to our neighbors as they seek affordable housing so they may find the stability, security, and self-reliance they need to thrive.

Habitat brings people together to celebrate our diversity and honor our shared commitment to the common good.

Special Thanks to our Current Sponsors

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