Giving Tuesday Now is here!

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday Now is a global day of giving and unity in response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19.

This unparalleled time has impacted all of us. But while many of us are safely sheltering in place with our loved ones, imagine what it’s like for a family who doesn’t have a safe place to stay, or who must shelter in place within a home infested with mold or other unhealthy conditions. Amid this crisis, Chipola Area Habitat for Humanity is needed more than ever. Our staff and volunteers are working to move our mission forward, partnering with local families and individuals to make their homeownership dreams a reality.

In a time when many take the ability to shelter safely at home for granted, the living conditions of many in our community don’t allow for this. Help us remedy that.

Chipola Area Habitat for Humanity doesn’t just build safe and affordable homes in partnership with families and individuals in need. We build hope. On Giving Tuesday Now, your donation will help support affordable homeownership opportunities locally in Jackson and Washington counties.

Please click here to donate online: